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clash royale free gems
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 In the chests are various rewards such as gold, new maps but also jewels. There are seven different types of chests in Clash Royale and include the free chest, crown chest, silver chest, gold chest, huge chest, magic chest and the super magic chest. In order to open the treasure chests you have to have a little more time, because they can be opened only after a certain waiting period. To speed up the process you can also use gems. Free Clash Royale Gems

Clash Royale cheats and hacks


As with any game with a premium currency is of course already the demand for a working Clash Royale cheat or hack very large. Who wants to not have more jewels on the virtual account or infinitely open chests and unlock all the cards. Currently there are no cheats or hacks for Clash Royale and that will probably not change as quickly. As with Clash of Clans although there are already dozens of sites that offer a supposed Jewels Hack for Clash Royale, but these are nothing more than fakes of which you should keep your distance. The Cheats offered there in the form of programs are mostly equipped with malware or other adware. Not to mention the fact, that is the use of cheat codes is not provided and therefore not allowed. Hack Clash Royale


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