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Dragon Mania Legends Hack
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 Gameloft recently released a new game for Android and we bring you the best  Cheats for Dragon Mania Legends so you can advance faster in this excellent game.


Dragon Mania Legends is the new success of Gameloft in the field of mobile games and although very recently it has gone to the Google store has already achieved millions of downloads.

Level up all the time: habitats will allow us to raise our dragons, it is essential that whenever we can raise their level to be able to place more dragons in one place and thus increase our variety of creatures. On the other hand the farms will give us the necessary food for our dragons to grow healthy and strong, that is why it is also necessary to increase their level all the time, thus increasing their production per hour and thus advance faster.

Manage well the amount of fruit that we spend: the fruit serves to raise the level of our dragons, so it is necessary that we use the fruits in the dragons that interest us most and not spend it in raising two equal dragons. Keep in mind that from level 5 dragons will begin to require increasing amounts of fruit.

Cross the dragons with wisdom: when crossing two dragons we will be able to obtain new animals more and more exotic and with different powers. But before launching to cross No matches on tinder them you will have to plan each cross very carefully because if we do not pay attention we will finish with a lot of equal dragons.

Use the right dragons in battle: as you will know each dragon belongs to a different element, in battle the difference of elements will make a dragon more or less likely to beat another. Knowing well the abilities of our animals will allow us to have more chances during the confrontations.


These are the  Cheats for Dragon Mania Legends that will help you win battles, progress faster and be a strong player in No matches on tinder  this excellent game.

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