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Dive Wimbledon is proud to announce that they are now Hollis, Oceanic, Aeris and Lavacore dealers and are now offering a full range of Hollis Explorer arebreather courses and Hollis Explorer rebreathers for sale as well.

Egypt Holiday : Marsa Alam from 1-8th March 2018. All welcome whether divers, non divers or those who would like to learn to dive.

Diving Holidays: Thinking of booking a diving holiday? Let us do the hard work, we only use the best travel agents and can find you the perfect diving holiday at the right price. Contact jane@divewimbledon.com to make an enquiry.

In 2017 we will be returning to Swanage for our ever popular Introduction to UK Diving days. All the dates for 2017 will be under the 'Club' drop down menu from the start of December 2016.

Our PADI dive school offers the full range of courses as usual and will be running even more PADI Enriched Air Diver, PADI Deep Diver, PADI Wreck Diver, PADI Search and Recovery Diver, PADI Peak Peformance Buoyancy Diver, PADI Equipment Specialty, PADI Digital Photographer, PADI Seal Team and PADI Bubblemaker courses. Check the Course pages of our website for more information and course dates.

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Author: Roger Created: 11/29/2012 5:05 PM
Welcome to the new Dive Wimbledon Blog where we will be keeping you up to date with everything going on at Dive Wimbledon whether it is London scuba diving courses or special deals in the shop or upcoming trips.

 Congratulations to Katherine and Bart who completed their PADI Open Water course this weekend while Bart also completed the Drysuit Speciality course. 

Also huge congratulations to Joseph and Ben (PADI Advanced), Kim, Matt and Diogo (PADI Wreck Speciality), Ines and Ben (PADI Drysuit Speciality) and Ben again (PADI Enriched Air/ Nitrox Speciality).

Well done everybody. A great weekends drysuit diving in a chilly lake but with great visibility at Wraysbury and Vobster Quay

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 It was a nice quiet evening at the pool with Matt starting his PADI Open Water Diver Course and Tarun, Ben, Ines, Lois and Bart completing a Drysuit orientation. It is definitely the right time of year to learn how to dive in a drysuit and with PADI Drysuit Speciality courses every fortnight there are plenty of opportunities in London with Dive Wimbledon.

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 Our first session back at the poo, and what a great weekend it was with Leon, Lynn, Candice, Bart, Casey and Danielle all completing the PADI Open Water Referral with Dive Wimbledon at Putney Leisure Centre. What a start to 2018. Well done everybody!!

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 2018 has begun for Dive Wimbledon and yesterday Karolina and John completed the PADI Drysuit Diver Speciality course at Wraysbury, just outside London, with Richard W. Well done guys and have a fabulous time diving at Silfra in Iceland!!

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 On behalf of everybody at Dive Wimbledon we would like to wish all your customers, staff and scuba divers all over the world a very Happy New Year and we hope to see you again in London in 2018.

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 Last evening we were at Putney Leisure Centre for the last time in 2017. It was a busy night with Chris sitting PADI Divemaster exams while Sarah, Marius, Calum, Joseph and Kristina completed their PADI Open Water Referral Courses. We also had Christoph completing a PADI Scuba Review course on his way to continue his diving adventures.

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 Yesterday we said goodbye to the Dive Wimbledon van which has served us well for the last 14 years. The van has been replaced by a Silver Renault Master which is a lot bigger. Our new logo also has had it debut on the van and early in 2018 we will look to develop our new website.

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 A busy weekend with Toby and David completing their Open Water qualifying dives while James completed the Drysuit Speciality course. In the pool we had Harry. Josh, Aubrey, Freddie, Kiri and Jamie completing their PADI Open Water Referral Course while Marius and Kristina started theirs. Well done everybody!!

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 It might have been cold outside but it was a balmy 27 degrees in Putney pool on Wednesday evening where Sarah, Joseph and Calum started their PADI Open Water Referral course. Also at the pool scuba diving we had David and Katherine completing their Open Water Referral course while James learnt how to use a Drysuit and Liam completed his PADI ReActivate course. 

Well done everybody!!

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 Another busy weekend of scuba diving in London and congratulations go to Shaun, Li, Nick and Marcella who passed thier PADI Open Water Referral scuba diving course with Dive Wimbledon at Putney Leisure Centre in London. Good luck with your 4 PADI Open Water qualifying dives on holiday!!

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News Flash:

Dive Wimbedon are now Scubapro and Suunto dealers and have a large selection of quality scuba diving and snorkeling equipment in stock including Hollis, Cressi, Atomic, Sherwood, IST, Sea and Sea, Bare, Northern Diver, Underwater Kinetics, Uwatec, Seeman Sub, Akona, Submerge, Lumb Bros, McNett and Dive Rite,

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