PADI Discover Tec

 This course is ideal for Entry Level divers seeking to prepare themselves for Advanced diver training and also Advanced divers that may want to extend their abilities. Unless you have already done the Essentials (or similar) programme, we guarantee that you will be a better diver after participating in this course.

 The techniques and knowledge learned during this class prepare ALL divers for more advanced diving. It is an excellent base programme for all levels of Open and Closed Circuit diving in open water and overhead (cave, wreck, ice) environments.

Along with buoyancy, trim and drag we will perfect your propulsion skills like frog kicking, reverse finning and helicopter turns. You WILL look like a cave diver upon completion of this programme.

This course doesn’t qualify divers for deeper dives, but it is strongly recommended for all divers wishing to increase skill competency.

This course can therefore be completed using a single tank (we will show you how to configure your rig using a 2 metre hose), standard twinset, sidemount or CCR. Whatever you dive; we will enhance your skills.

Completion of this programme MAY be used as credit on further training (on certain programmes) in terms of time (and cost) commitment.

This course can be combined with any other technical diver programme offered by Dive Wimbledon.

The course focuses on 4 key areas plus in water development:

1. Mental & Physical.
2. Gear Configuration, Buoyancy & Swimming Techniques.
3. Understanding Anatomy & Physiology.
4. Mental Skills Development For Enhanced Dive Safety.

What do I need to start?

  •  Open Water Diver or an entry level CCR qualification if using CCR.
  • • Minimum age 15
  • Minimum of 10 logged dives

Course Duration
2 days (1 pool session and 3 dives)


• £275
• Included: Manual, Kit Hire and Certification


PADI Discover Tec 

Discover Tec